Flash Chromatography

Flash Chromatography systems for Organic Purification

High Throughput Flash Chromatography– Parallel synthesis, combinatorial methods, and other high-throughput techniques in drug discovery are creating increasing pressure on medicinal, organic, and pharmaceutical chemists to deliver large numbers of purified candidates for evaluation. As lead compounds are identified, synthesis and purification are typically scaled up to produce larger quantities for further study. Isco CombiFlash separation systems are designed specifically to meet high-throughput flash chromatography needs in a wide range of applications. These systems offer scientists a choice of multi-sample parallel purification (Optix 10) or fully automated sequential separation (Sq16x), using RediSep normal- or reversed-phase columns.

Personal Flash Chromatography Systems– In addition to high-throughput multi-sample systems, Isco offers four CombiFlash models designed to provide practical, affordable automation - and "Productivity with Peace of Mind" - for the the individual researcher. These systems also use all sizes of RediSep columns. Applications include purification of organic compounds for drug discovery, as well as research in agrochemicals, petrochemicals, natural products, polymers, and catalysts.

Organic Purification Columns- Isco pre-packed RediSep™ columns eliminate the labor and inconsistency of manual column packing, and bring a new level of performance and productivity to flash chromatography. They are available in a range of sizes from 4g to 330g for milligram to multi-gram purification. RediSep Normal Phase and Reversed Phase columns feature a one-piece design with no cumbersome or expensive adapters, valves, barrels, or other accessories. Luer lock end fittings provide quick, easy connection in Isco CombiFlash systems and are also adaptable to other systems.

Purification Software– Isco PeakTrak software provides graphical, Windows-based tracking of purified fractions collected on CombiFlash systems that include on-line UV-vis detection. On-line detection, combined with this user-friendly software, greatly reduces the amount of TLC work required to identify product fractions.

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