High Pressure Syringe Pumps



High Pressure, High Precision Syringe Pumps for Reactant Feed, Chemical Feed, Core Flooding, Alternative Energy, Carbon Sequestration, Supercritical Fluids, and more

Reactant Feed Pumps / Chemical Feed Pumps
Precise metering pumps for reactant feed, chemical, and catalysis applications require pumps that can provide highly accurate flow rates, which most reciprocating pumps are unable to provide. Isco syringe pumps reliably produce stable, pulseless flows.

These pumps are frequently used in R&D and pilot plant setups, since they are highly reliable and offer easy programming. An external keypad allows control of RS-232 and Analog outputs. Also available are LabView support and DCS contact closure communications.

Core Flooding Pumps
Core flooding requires very stable, pulseless pumps that must maintain constant pressure or constant flow. These pumps must be capable of handling low flow rates, high pressure, and high temperature while pumping corrosive fluids. Isco syringe pumps meet these requirements.

Alternative Energy Pumps and Carbon Sequestration Pumps
Developing cost-effective and efficient processes for the conversion of biomass into biofuels and chemicals is dependent upon precise laboratory modeling of real-world conditions. Steady, scalable proportioning and accurate flow rates are essential for bench-scale reactor testing of processes such as pyrolysis and gasification. Isco syringe pump can reliably handle a wide range of viscosities and particulate content, when breaking down biomass materials.

Supercritical Fluid Pumps
Supercritical fluids, especially CO2, are widely used in applications such as reaction chemistry, extraction (SFE), and Chromatography (SFC). Pumps for these applications must produce high pressures in constant pressure mode, while still delivering a wide range of flow rates. There must be a provision for pump head cooling to maintain CO2 in its liquid state. Isco D-series pumps are well suited to act as supercritical fluid pumps or CO2 pumps.

HPLC Pumps / LC-MS Pumps
Optimal pump performance for HPLC or LC-MS requires highly accurate and stable fluid delivery. By providing consistent, predictable flow to the mobile phase, baseline noise caused by electromechanical detection is minimized. Isco syringe pumps are an excellent choice for post-column reagent addition, delivering the pulseless flows that reciprocating pumps can not provide.

Dispensing Pumps / Metering Pumps
Many applications, such as pharmaceutical, require extremely accurate dispensing. Isco syringe pumps are well-suited for R&D and production applications where flexibility in volumes and flow rates are required.

R&D Pumps
Engineers or scientists performing research and development often require highly accurate pumps, that also offer the flexibility to perform a wide range of tasks. Isco syringe pumps can be easily customized to handle high temperatures, corrosive liquids, and more.

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High Pressure Syringe Pumps