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The application notes and videos available here help to illustrate how Isco instruments can help solve your monitoring, testing, and analysis problems.

Our application notes are stored in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and require an Acrobat reader (available here).

Liquid Chromatography
Application Notes
AN01 Peptide Separations Using Reversed Phase RediSep Columns (PDF: 209K, Nov 2012)
AN02 C18 Reversed Phase RediSep Columns Use Cleaning and Storage (PDF: 132K, Jun 2013)
AN03 Optimal Flow Rates for RediSep Normal Phase Columns (PDF: 200K, Nov 2012)
AN04 Purification by Liquid Chromatography (PDF: 191K, Nov 2012)
AN05 Separation of Lipids by Normal Phase Flash Chromatography (PDF: 104K, Nov 2012)
AN06 Improved Productivity with Isco RediSep Flash Columns (PDF: 205K, Nov 2012)
AN07 Operating RediSep Flash Columns Using Pressurized Solvent Reservoir Systems (PDF: 178K, Jun 2013)
AN08 Introduction to Functionalized Silica Gel and Alumina (PDF: 178K, Nov 2012)
AN09 Locating Fractions in Collection Tubes using Rf to CV Conversion (PDF: 183K, Nov 2012)
AN100 Purification of Delicate Compounds with RediSep Rf Gold(r) Diol and Cyano Columns (PDF: 298K, Dec 2014)
AN101 EZ Prep Capsaicins (PDF: 511K, Aug 2015)
AN102 Mass-directed Purification of Steroids with APCI (PDF: 392K, Oct 2015)
AN103 Save Time and Money by Purifying Peptides Yourself (PDF: 337K, Nov 2015)
AN104 Monitoring of Synthesized Compound with a SofTA ELSD (PDF: 124K, Jan 2016)
AN105 SofTA ELSD Profile of Japanese Sake (PDF: 134K, Jan 2016)
AN12 RediSep Normal Phase Column Stacking (PDF: 264K, Nov 2012)
AN13 RediSep Column Stacking Technique (PDF: 243K, Nov 2012)
AN15 Dry samples improve resolution in normal phase flash chromatography (PDF: 204K, Nov 2012)
AN16 Improved Productivity With RediSep Columns (PDF: 246K, Nov 2012)
AN19 Using RediSep Flash Columns on FlashMaster Chromatography Systems (PDF: 198K, Nov 2012)
AN20 Acetone as an Alternative to Ethyl Acetate (PDF: 255K, Nov 2012)
AN22 Expanded Compound Wavelength Detection with UV-Vis (PDF: 121K, Nov 2012)
AN23 Self-pack Column Options for the CombiFlash Rf (PDF: 252K, Nov 2012)
AN24 TLC Isocratic and Gradient (PDF: 202K, Nov 2012)
AN25 Purification of Natural Products Case Study 1 Scutellaria baicalensis (PDF: 251K, Nov 2012)
AN26 Isolating Trace Quantities of Product (PDF: 189K, Nov 2012)
AN27 Rapid Purification of Tocopherols (PDF: 338K, Nov 2012)
AN28 Solvent Changing on CombiFlash Systems (PDF: 256K, Nov 2012)
AN29 Overview of Silica Column Sample Loading Techniques (PDF: 768K, Nov 2012)
AN31 RediSep Amine Column - Purification of high pKa Organic Compounds Case Study 1 (PDF: 262K, Nov 2012)
AN35 RediSep Basic Alumina Column - Purification of High pKa Organic Compounds Case Study 1 (PDF: 222K, Nov 2012)
AN39 RediSep SCX Column - Purification of High pKa Organic Compounds Case Study 1 (PDF: 205K, Nov 2012)
AN40 Purification of Alkaloids with RediSep Rf SCX Columns (PDF: 352K, Nov 2012)
AN44 RediSep SAX Column - Purification of acidic compounds with multipurpose scavenger column Case Study 1 (PDF: 227K, Nov 2012)
AN49 Improvements in RP MPLC as Alternative to Prep HPLC (PDF: 322K, Nov 2012)
AN50 RediSep C-18 Column - Purification of halogenated heterocyclic compounds (PDF: 202K, Nov 2012)
AN51 RediSep C-18 Column - Purification of peptides (PDF: 203K, Nov 2012)
AN52 RediSep C-18 Column - Purification of carbohydrates (PDF: 198K, Nov 2012)
AN53 RediSep C-18 Column - Purification of carboxylic acids (PDF: 198K, Nov 2012)
AN54 RediSep C-18 Column - Purification of primary amines (PDF: 199K, Nov 2012)
AN55 RediSep C-18 Column - Purification of low-solubility polar heterocycles (PDF: 200K, Nov 2012)
AN56 RediSep C-18 Column - Purification of ionic compounds (PDF: 200K, Nov 2012)
AN57 Acetonitrile Methanol Substitution in C18 Reverse Phase (PDF: 282K, Nov 2012)
AN58 Non-aqueous Reverse Phase with RediSep Rf Gold C18 (PDF: 230K, Nov 2012)
AN59 Purine Purification Strategies (PDF: 1447K, Nov 2012)
AN60 RediSep Neutral Alumina Column - Purification of High pKa Organic Compounds Case Study 1 (PDF: 204K, Nov 2012)
AN65 RediSep Amine Columns Use Cleaning and Storage (PDF: 229K, Nov 2012)
AN70 Higher Resolution Results with RediSep Rf Gold Silica Columns (PDF: 282K, Nov 2012)
AN71 RediSepRf Gold Columns for Purification of Minor Compounds (PDF: 242K, Nov 2012)
AN72 Improved Productivity and Savings with RediSep Rf Gold Columns (PDF: 258K, Nov 2012)
AN73 RediSep Rf Gold Columns on Companion XL (PDF: 352K, Nov 2012)
AN74 Use of RediSep Rf Gold C18 Columns at High pH (PDF: 273K, Nov 2012)
AN75 Strategies to Purify Carbohydrate Based Compounds (PDF: 547K, Nov 2012)
AN76 RediSep Rf Gold C18A for Highly Aqueous Mobile Phases (PDF: 415K, Nov 2012)
AN77 Wide Polarity Range Chromatography (PDF: 432K, Nov 2012)
AN78 HILIC Purification Strategies for Flash Chromatography (PDF: 372K, Nov 2012)
AN80 Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors (PDF: 345K, Nov 2012)
AN81 CombiFlash All-wavelength Collection (PDF: 657K, Nov 2012)
AN82 Comparison of Solid Load Cartridges and Reservoir Type Columns (PDF: 547K, Nov 2012)
AN83 Multi-step Synthesis and Purification (PDF: 546K, Nov 2012)
AN84 RediSep Rf Gold Silica and Highly Polar Solvents (PDF: 301K, Nov 2012)
AN85 Purification Strategies for Flavones and Related Compounds (PDF: 270K, Nov 2012)
AN86 Chimeric Diol Column Behavior (PDF: 262K, Nov 2012)
AN87 RediSep Rf SAX Column Applications (PDF: 351K, Nov 2012)
AN88 C18 Flash Column Loading (PDF: 554K, Nov 2012)
AN89 CombiFlash Gradient Methods (PDF: 613K, Aug 2013)
AN90 Why Use ELSD (PDF: 171K, Nov 2012)
AN91 Improved Compound Recovery (PDF: 320K, Nov 2012)
AN92 Purification of C60 Fullerene (PDF: 594K, Nov 2012)
AN93 Information Rich Flash Chromatography I (PDF: 635K, Oct 2013)
AN94 Information Rich Flash Chromatography II (PDF: 632K, Oct 2013)
AN95 C18Aq Desalting (PDF: 250K, Feb 2014)
AN97 Removal of Non volatile Solvents (PDF: 239K, Feb 2014)
AN98 Hints for Strong Ion Exchange Resins (PDF: 499K, Feb 2014)
AN99 Amine as WAX (PDF: 232K, Feb 2014)
Article Reprints
Networked Purification System Increases Productivity (PDF: 783K, Nov 2006)
Preparative Parallel Protein Purification (PDF: 205K, Mar 2005)
Poster and Paper Reprints
Advanced Detection Techniques for Flash Chromatography (PDF: 1615K, Mar 2012)
Advanced Topics RediSep Specialty Media (PDF: 1565K, Apr 2007)
Advances In Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography (PDF: 302K, Mar 2009)
Alkaloid Purification Strategies Using Flash Chromatography (PDF: 950K, Sep 2011)
All Wavelength Detection MPLC for Natural Products (PDF: 658K, Jul 2009)
C-18 Chromatography- From Analytical Scale to Preparative Scale (PDF: 355K, Nov 2006)
Diol Columns-Pretend They're Normal Phase (PDF: 657K, Apr 2010)
Facile Enrichment of Tocopherols (PDF: 1107K, Mar 2009)
Facile Isolation of Carotenoid Antioxidants (PDF: 855K, Apr 2010)
Flash Chromatography of Hi pKa Compunds with Specialty RediSep Columns (PDF: 336K, Aug 2004)
Flash Purification of Polar Organic Compounds Using C-18 RediSep (PDF: 138K, May 2005)
Information Rich Flash Chromatography II All Wavelength Collection and Purity Measurement (PDF: 544K, Aug 2013)
Information Rich Flash Chromatography I Mass Directed Fractionation (PDF: 562K, Aug 2013)
Isolation and Purification of Alkaloids with SCX Columns (PDF: 644K, Aug 2011)
Isolation of Ionizable Compounds from Bitumens by Flash Chromatography (PDF: 771K, Mar 2012)
Method Development Strategies for Amine Columns (PDF: 505K, Apr 2010)
Minimize Purification Time with High Resolution Flash Chromatography (PDF: 208K, Aug 2004)
Minimizing Protein Purification Time with Parallel Purification (PDF: 824K, Jun 2005)
New Techniques In Extraction Column Screening (PDF: 724K, Apr 2015)
New Techniques in Extract Column Screening II (PDF: 648K, Jan 2016)
Optimized Flash Chromatography- From TLC to large scale in 3 steps (PDF: 346K, May 2006)
Purification of Natural Products Using Mass Directed Fractionation (PDF: 650K, Aug 2013)
Purification of Carbohydrates by MPLC (PDF: 886K, Aug 2009)
Purification of Phenolic Flavonoids (PDF: 1518K, Oct 2012)
Sample Loading techniques for Large Scale Flash Chromatography (PDF: 810K, Aug 2010)
Spherical Silica Increases Loading Capacity (PDF: 1428K, Aug 2009)
Strategies for the Flash Purification of Highly Polar Compounds (PDF: 708K, Jan 2012)
Wide Polarity Range Flash Purifications (PDF: 556K, Aug 2013)
OPopS Optimer One-pot Synthesis (PDF: 193K, Apr 2005)
Tactics Addressing Challenging Flash Chromatography Purifications (PDF: 589K, Apr 2005)
Technical Notes
TN01 Flowcell Care and Cleaning for CombiFlash Companion (PDF: 463K, Jul 2005)
TN02 Networked Purification System Increases Productivity for Medicinal Chemists (PDF: 968K, Apr 2004)
TN03 Companion Direct Communication Issues (PDF: 457K, May 2004)
TN04 Companion Network Communication Issues (PDF: 460K, Jun 2004)
TN05 Companion iPAQ Communication Issues (PDF: 452K, May 2004)
TN06 Controlling the Companion without Wires (PDF: 455K, May 2004)
TN07 Companion Periodic Maintenance (PDF: 174K, Jan 2006)
TN09 Companion Solvent Change between Normal and Reversed Phases (PDF: 128K, Jun 2006)
TN10 Adjustable Solid Load Cartridge Cap (PDF: 134K, Jan 2007)
TN11 Adjustable Rf Solid Load Cartridge Cap (PDF: 256K, Sep 2007)
TN12 Adjustable Solid Load Cartridge Cap (PDF: 255K, Jun 2009)
TN13 Guide to Cartridges and Caps (PDF: 119K, Apr 2009)
TN19 Fraction Tube Filling Variability on Rf200 Systems (PDF: 51K, Jan 2011)
TN20 Solid Load Cartridge Bypass (PDF: 146K, Aug 2011)
TN21 Cleaning ELSD Detector (PDF: 306K, Sep 2013)
TN22 CombiFlash PurIon SitePrep (PDF: 275K, Aug 2014)
TN24 CombiFlash(r) Rf System Verification Using Test Sample NPHE (PDF: 233K, May 2014)
TN25 CombiFlash(r) Rfplus PurIon System Verification Using Test Samples MSW and MSD (PDF: 233K, Apr 2015)
TN26 EZ Prep Auto Phase Change (PDF: 578K, Apr 2015)
TN28 Networking Guidelines Combiflash (PDF: 308K, Jul 2016)
TN29 CombiFlash Rf Lumen SitePrep (PDF: 120K, Sep 2015)
TN30 CombiFlash EZPrep SitePrep (PDF: 108K, Sep 2015)
TN31 CombiFlash EZPrep Lumen SitePrep (PDF: 120K, Sep 2015)
TN32 CombiFlash Rf SitePrep (PDF: 108K, Oct 2015)
TN33 SofTA SitePrep (PDF: 102K, Apr 2016)
TN34 EZPrep Solvent Change (PDF: 201K, Jul 2016)
Advances in Flash Chromatography Detection (HTM: 11K, Mar 2014)
Greener Flash Using C-18 Columns (HTM: 11K, Aug 2012)
Introducing CombiFlash Rf PurIon (HTM: 11K, Nov 2013)
Introduction to Flash Chromatography (HTM: 9K, Nov 2012)
Sample Loading Techniques in Flash Chromatography (HTM: 9K, Aug 2012)
High-Precision, High-Pressure Syringe Pumps
Application Notes
Aqueous-PhaseConversion Biomass (PDF: 214K, Sep 2012)
Aqueous Solubility at High Temperature (PDF: 440K, Sep 2012)
Carbon Sequestration (PDF: 206K, Sep 2012)
Catalytic CO2 Conversion and In Situ Spectroscopy at High Pressure (PDF: 359K, Jan 2016)
Catalytic Hydrogenation (PDF: 256K, Sep 2012)
CO2 Injection (PDF: 129K, Sep 2012)
Condensate Flooding (PDF: 203K, Sep 2012)
Conducting Barite Scale Formations in Oil Production Reservoirs (PDF: 141K, Feb 2014)
Conducting Batch Reactions at Relevant Geologic Carbon Sequestration Conditions (PDF: 248K, Feb 2014)
Conducting Iron Hydroxide Precipitation Reactions at High Temperature and High Pressure (PDF: 127K, Feb 2014)
Continuous Slurry Feed (PDF: 262K, Feb 2013)
Core Analysis (PDF: 207K, Sep 2012)
ECBM Gravimetric Adsorption (PDF: 458K, Nov 2013)
Enhanced Oil Recovery (PDF: 234K, Sep 2012)
Exploring New Energy Concepts (PDF: 221K, Sep 2012)
Extrusion Foaming (PDF: 723K, Sep 2012)
Foam Injection Molding (PDF: 200K, Sep 2012)
Gels for Gas EOR Flooding (PDF: 215K, Sep 2012)
High Pressure Separations (PDF: 269K, Feb 2013)
HPLC System Configuration (PDF: 251K, Sep 2012)
In-situ Injection of Hydrogen Gas (PDF: 647K, Aug 2014)
Investigation of Process Variables (PDF: 260K, Feb 2013)
Measurement of Binary Diffusion Coefficients as Function of Temperature (PDF: 193K, Dec 2011)
Methane Hydrate Studies (PDF: 229K, Sep 2012)
Microreactor Systems (PDF: 248K, Sep 2012)
Nano-Scale Studies of Confined Interfacial Compressed Fluids (PDF: 116K, Oct 2012)
Oil Sands Recovery (PDF: 208K, Sep 2012)
PBA Solubility Measurement (PDF: 329K, Sep 2012)
Plastic Foaming Simulation (PDF: 288K, Sep 2012)
Processing Algae Biomass (PDF: 296K, Sep 2012)
Processing of Aqueous Biomass (PDF: 127K, Sep 2012)
Pumping Biomass Isco HVPumps (PDF: 434K, Sep 2012)
Reactant Feed (PDF: 201K, Sep 2012)
Reactive Spray Deposition (PDF: 102K, Sep 2012)
SeismicStudies CO2Sequestration EOR (PDF: 434K, Sep 2012)
Semi-Continuous Pretreatment Lignocellulosic Biomass (PDF: 315K, Sep 2012)
SFE Preparation for Radiocarbon Dating (PDF: 241K, Sep 2012)
SlurryMixer Particle Suspension (PDF: 304K, Sep 2012)
SupercriticalCO2 (PDF: 214K, Sep 2012)
Supercritical Fluids in Reaction Engineering (PDF: 276K, Sep 2012)
Supercritical Water Gasification (PDF: 309K, Feb 2013)
Ultra HPLC System Configuration (PDF: 251K, Sep 2012)
X-Ray Computed Microtomography (PDF: 293K, Sep 2012)
Xanthan-HPAM Rheology Comparison (PDF: 226K, Sep 2012)
Software Utilities
Labview Pump Driver demo (ZIP: 1598K, Oct 2005)
SFSolver2000 (EXE: 45K, Mar 2003)
Universal D-series Pump driver (ZIP: 106K, Oct 2005)
Technical Bulletins
TB01 Dual Pump Systems (PDF: 872K, Aug 2012)
TB02 Receive Mode (PDF: 613K, Aug 2012)
TB03 Syringe Pump Analog Input Options (PDF: 592K, Sep 2013)
TB04 Salt Solutions & Brines (PDF: 401K, Oct 2012)
TB05 Field Verification (PDF: 1221K, Oct 2012)
TB06 LabView Toolkit (PDF: 725K, Oct 2012)
TB07 Temperature Control Jacket (PDF: 348K, Feb 2012)
TB08 Pumping CO2 Setup&Notes (PDF: 425K, Feb 2012)
TB09 Flash Memory Upgrade (PDF: 913K, Jan 2013)
TB10 Low Flow Operation (PDF: 402K, Feb 2012)
TB11 Dispense Mode (PDF: 305K, Nov 2012)
TB12 Non-Isco Transducer Installation (PDF: 591K, Nov 2012)
TB13 Dimensions Connections (PDF: 540K, Nov 2012)
TB14 SingleValve Packages (PDF: 446K, Feb 2012)
TB15 Metering Pumps (PDF: 418K, Feb 2012)
TB16 Pumping Hazardous Substances (PDF: 284K, Nov 2012)
TB17 High Temperature High Accuracy (PDF: 304K, Feb 2012)
TB18 Pumping Highly Viscous Fluids (PDF: 478K, Nov 2012)
TB19 Universal Driver (PDF: 226K, Nov 2012)
TB20 Modifier Addition (PDF: 692K, Nov 2012)
TB21 Cylinder&System Flushing (PDF: 336K, Feb 2012)
TB22 SyringePump Care&Maintenance (PDF: 1173K, Feb 2012)
TB23 Diagnostics&Troubleshooting (PDF: 494K, Feb 2012)
TB24 Gradient Mode (PDF: 1119K, Feb 2012)
TB25 Extension Cables (PDF: 160K, Jun 2012)
TB26 Quad Pump Systems (PDF: 1581K, Sep 2012)
TB27 Modbus 485 (PDF: 387K, Jul 2013)
TB28 Controller Versions (PDF: 850K, Sep 2013)
TB29 O-rings (PDF: 490K, Jan 2013)
TB30 Pressure Transducer (PDF: 213K, Jan 2013)
TB31 Flat Panel Controller (PDF: 854K, May 2013)
TB32 Calibration Certificate (PDF: 126K, Jun 2013)
TB33 Custom Software Versions (PDF: 540K, Aug 2013)
TB34 Syringe Pump Analog Output Options (PDF: 1250K, Sep 2013)
TB35 High-Pressure Operation (PDF: 514K, Feb 2014)
TB36 500HPx 500HP Specs (PDF: 342K, Apr 2015)
TB37 Wash Glands (PDF: 296K, Apr 2015)
TB38 30D Cont Flow (PDF: 626K, Mar 2016)
TB39 LabVIEW (PDF: 1968K, Mar 2016)
TB40 ReaXus Reciprocating Pump Analog Inputs and Outputs (PDF: 231K, Aug 2016)
TB41 Serial Communications with the ReaXus Reciprocating Pump (PDF: 559K, Aug 2016)
TB42 Updating Firmware for the ReaXus Reciprocating Pump (PDF: 340K, Oct 2016)
TB43 ReaXus Constant Pressure Firmware (PDF: 217K, Oct 2016)
Videos and Animations
Dual Pump Operation Example (SWF: 20K, Mar 2004)
Pump Overview (SWF: 106K, Sep 2010)
Single Pump Operation Example (SWF: 24K, Jun 2004)
Wash Port Operation Example (SWF: 32K, Nov 2004)
Dispense and Gradient Mode Programming (HTM: 9K, Mar 2013)
Four-pump Operation and RS485 Modbus (HTM: 9K, Dec 2012)
How to Set Up and Operate 4 Pumps in Continuous Flow and Receive Mode (HTM: 9K, Aug 2013)
Pumping High Viscosity Fluids 13min (SWF: 6466K, May 2011)
Supercritical Fluids 21min (SWF: 11554K, Apr 2012)
Syringe Pump Maintenance and Troubleshooting (HTM: 9K, Aug 2012)
White Papers
Unconventional Natural Gas Recovery (PDF: 1835K, Mar 2011)
Density Gradient Fractionation
DGF11 Comparison of Methods to Retrieve Samples from Density Gradient Solutions (PDF: 465K, Aug 2003)
DGF12 Effects of Flow Cells on Sample Resolution in Density Gradient Fractionation (PDF: 464K, Aug 2003)
Automatic Water Samplers
Isco Stormwater Monitoring Guide (PDF: 549K, Jul 2004)
Nicad vs LeadAcidBatteries TechBulletin (PDF: 83K, Jun 2000)
Application Notes and Articles
Active Stormwater Runoff Monitoring (PDF: 464K, May 2010)
Industrial Discharge Effluent Monitoring (Turkey) (PDF: 959K, Jan 2014)
Isco Samplers for Research (PDF: 94K, Jan 2004)
Radionuclide Sampling using SPE disks (PDF: 820K, Jun 2003)
Remote Runoff Monitoring (PDF: 195K, Jan 2006)
Selection of Automatic Samplers Article (PDF: 190K, Jan 2003)
SW846 Trace Metal Sampling using ProPak Disposables (PDF: 92K, Feb 2007)
Text Messaging Sampler Control (PDF: 262K, Sep 2012)
UK River Catchment Study (PDF: 332K, Jan 2013)
Case Studies
4700Sampler Industrial Park Wastewater Monitoring Germany (PDF: 487K, Sep 2012)
6712Sampler Remote Industrial Monitoring Spain (PDF: 333K, Sep 2012)
6712 Portable Sampler Monitors Algae in US Lake (PDF: 771K, Jun 2014)
River Catchment Study UK (PDF: 332K, Jan 2013)
Simultaneous Watershed Sampling Springfield (PDF: 544K, Nov 2012)
Wastewater Sampling at High Ambient Temp (PDF: 295K, Sep 2012)
Stormwater Monitoring Webinar Oct 2010 (PDF: 4911K, Oct 2010)
Advanced Stormwater Monitoring - 20Mb Open in Web Browser (SWF: 20735K, Aug 2011)
Sampler Tips and Tricks (SWF: 27416K, Jun 2012)
Save Time and Money Using Telemetry for Stormwater Monitoring (HTM: 9K, Mar 2013)
U.S. Industrial Pretreatment Monitoring (WMV: 26838K, Feb 2012)
Open Channel Flow Measurement
ADFM Installation Data
ADFM 4-20mA Analog Output Module Diagram (PDF: 17K, May 2006)
ADFM Environmental Enclosure Console (PDF: 498K, May 2006)
ADFM Sensor Mounting Bands for Circular Pipes (PDF: 143K, May 2006)
ADFM Typical Installation Drawing- External Power (PDF: 515K, May 2006)
Application Notes
4501 PumpStationPerformanceMonitor (PDF: 216K, Jun 2009)
Active Stormwater Runoff Monitoring (PDF: 464K, May 2010)
High Velocity Flow Monitoring in a Sanitary Sewer using LaserFlow (PDF: 971K, Jul 2015)
HotTapInsertion VelocityProfiling in VariedConditions (PDF: 336K, Sep 2012)
LaserFlow Signature Redundant Flow Measurement (PDF: 513K, Oct 2014)
Pushing Data From Remote Locations (PDF: 485K, May 2012)
Remote Programming of 6712 App Note (PDF: 360K, Feb 2013)
Signature ExpansionBox (PDF: 1197K, Sep 2013)
Signature Industrial Pre&Post Treatment (PDF: 730K, Jun 2013)
Signature RadioDataTransmission (PDF: 513K, Nov 2012)
Case Studies
2150AV I&I AvedoreWWTP Denmark (PDF: 334K, Sep 2012)
ADFMPro20 WWTP CzechRepublic (PDF: 327K, Sep 2012)
Billing Application PassaicValley NJ (PDF: 452K, Sep 2012)
Cooling Water Monitoring-Austria (PDF: 426K, Sep 2012)
HotTap Article WWTP PollutionEngineering (PDF: 925K, Sep 2007)
HRSD Large Pump Station HTI Monitoring (PDF: 731K, Sep 2012)
HTI PumpStation Denmark (PDF: 253K, Jan 2011)
I&I Solutions FallsCityNE (PDF: 360K, Sep 2012)
Infiltration Study N.Bavaria (PDF: 368K, Jun 2012)
Large-Pipe I&I TwinCities-MN (PDF: 376K, Sep 2012)
Large Inlet Profiling Biberach Germany (PDF: 321K, Nov 2010)
Monitoring High Flow in Large Channels SIAAP, Paris (PDF: 986K, Oct 2013)
RemoteMonitoring AirportRunoff Ireland (PDF: 367K, Sep 2012)
RemoteMonitoring WaterQuality Nuremberg (PDF: 483K, Apr 2012)
Remote CSO 2105G UK (PDF: 385K, Aug 2011)
Signature RadioDataTransmission (PDF: 513K, Oct 2016)
Stormwater Clean-Up NuRF Florida (PDF: 382K, May 2012)
Stormwater Monitoring Signature-TIENet350 (PDF: 1543K, Nov 2013)
Ventura County Stormwater Monitoring (PDF: 1277K, Oct 2013)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent Flow Monitoring (Muscat, Oman) (PDF: 531K, Oct 2016)
WWTP AerationBasin Sweden (PDF: 331K, Sep 2012)
Papers and Article Reprints
Advanced Technology Flow Logging Under ATEX IET reprint (PDF: 913K, Jun 2005)
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Dynamic Hydraulic Conditions with Real-time Data (PDF: 325K, May 2006)
Flow Measurement for Collection Systems April05 PollutionEngineering (PDF: 539K, Jun 2005)
HotTap Article Aug07 PollutionEngineering (PDF: 925K, Sep 2007)
Industrial wastewater monitoring without manhole entry (PDF: 52K, Dec 1999)
ITRC Report 01-004 Open Channel Doppler Flow Meter (PDF: 350K, May 2006)
Measuring Sacramento River Diversions with ADFM Technology in the Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District (PDF: 996K, Sep 2007)
OpenChannelDoppler AV Article (PDF: 18K, Dec 1999)
OpenChannelFlowMeters Article (PDF: 34K, Dec 1999)
Pump Station Monitor Helps Village of Kohler (PDF: 158K, Dec 2004)
USCID 1999 Conference- Velocity Profiling Technology for Accurate Water Management (PDF: 106K, May 2006)
USCID 2002 Conference- Novel Flow Sensor Saves USBR 900K USD (PDF: 1395K, May 2006)
WEFTEC 1997 Conference- Velocity Profiling for Wastewater Collection and Treatment (PDF: 663K, May 2006)
Test Reports
ADFM Accuracy Tests Summary (PDF: 163K, May 2006)
Bureau of Reclamation Report- ADFM Lab and Field Demonstrations (PDF: 289K, May 2006)
FM Global IS Certificate of Compliance for ADFM (PDF: 134K, May 2006)
Onondaga County M5 Dye Study (PDF: 30K, May 2006)
USU Water Research Laboratory ADFM Accuracy Test Results (PDF: 27K, May 2006)
A Smart Flexible and Secure Platform for Flow Monitoring and Automatic Sampling (HTM: 9K, Nov 2012)
LaserFlow - A New Paradigm in Open Channel Flow Measurement (HTM: 9K, Dec 2012)
What Is Your Flow Really Telling You (WMV: 27064K, Mar 2012)
Multi-parameter Probes

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