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Products > Liquid Chromatography > Fraction Collectors >

 Foxy® R2

New Generation of Fraction Collector with Expanded Capacity and RFID Detection

The two-rack Foxy R2 fraction collector can be adapted to a broad spectrum of applications. The units can distribute fractions into 96 well microplates, standard tube sizes, and bottles. For essentially unlimited volumes, funnel racks can direct fluids to any collection vessel or downstream process.

The Foxy R2 fraction collector uses radio frequency identification to automatically detect collection racks for easy setup.

Standard Features

  • Collect peaks of interest separately using any combination of slope, level, and time window reliably separates peaks by monitoring detector output, so you don’t have to expend glassware on no-interest effluent.
  • Collect uniform fractions by time, drop count, or pumped volume.
  • Stores up to 8 collection methods.
  • Choice of available racks (specify when ordering).
  • Coldroom-friendly design
  • Sturdy cast aluminum frame
  • Easy to use symbolic touch screen interface
  • Built-in Ethernet and RS-232 communication capabilities
  • Faster tube changes
  • µL delay volume between diverter valve and drop former
  • Flow rates up to 125 mL/minute


  • HPLC collection
  • Low-pressure biochromatography
  • Protein and peptide purification

Options and Accessories

  • Size fractions by pumped volume when using Isco’s Tris ® pump.
  • Optional 25 mL/min kit
  • Optional 1,000 mL/min high flow valve for prep applications

Size (W x D X H): 12.25, 21.0, 14.9 inches (31.1, 53.3, 37.8 cm)
Weight: 23.4 lbs (10.6 kg) (with drip tray, no rack)
Maximum flow rate: 125 mL/minute standard, optional 25 mL/min accessory package, and optional 1,000 mL/min high flow diverter valve
Delay volume: Diverter valve located at drop former. Delay volume compensation only required for length of tubing to the diverter valve.
Peak Detection: Slope and/or level sense, with or without time window
Tube Changes: At detected peaks, plus drop counts, time, or external pump counts.
System control: Operator - front panel control via touch-screen LCD Integrated systems: direct communication with fraction collector via Ethernet (TCP/IP) and RS-232 serial communications.
Inputs: Pump counter, external peak, inject, tube advance, analog peak voltage.
Outputs: Pump pause, tube change.
Operating Voltage: 100/117 VAC 50/60 Hz, 234 VAC 50/60 Hz

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